No Sway! Why we installed an RV Sway Bar.

We may have all seen the images of travel trailers or just trailers being towed on the highway, losing control into a roll over crash. Some can be attributed to weight distribution or poor loading of the trailer. Some others can be attributed to driving way too fast for conditions.  A few can be attributed to side winds or the pushing and pulling from larger trucks passing on the highway.  Since we are not experts on the subject, the information we have provided here and in our attached YouTube Video is based on our own research and is not advice in any way.

Since a sway bar for our T@B travel trailer is new to us and we have never towed a trailer before, we decided for the $30 or so that it costs to purchase a sway bar would be a good idea.  If we never have to use it, that would be great! If we really needed it at some point, it would be the best $30 ever spent to prevent a potential loss of control or a roll over crash.

We have never heard that a T@B needs one.  They are low to the ground, light weight, and you really can’t over pack it.  Our tow vehicle has plenty of available weight to pull the trailer.

Here are some of the resources we used to make that decision:

U-haul trailer sway of death

Caravan Sway Crash

How To Control Trailer Sway by RV Education 101®

how to avoid trailer sway

towing tips for preventing trailer sway

rig sway

Here is where we found the one that we purchased:

pro series sway bar link




How much does your life weigh? The Big Reveal.

Happy New Year – 2016!

What makes you feel alive?  Really alive and truly happy? Do you ever dream about what other life you could be leading? We love leading every life that we can imagine with no regrets. So, we are starting on the next phase  in our journey of life.

Here it is:  We are selling our home in Albuquerque along with all of the possessions inside and moving into our newish motor home! No matter where the path takes us next we will have everything we need with us (including two cats and a dog) and not bogged down with the “things” that we are told we need to have to be successful and rich.  We have always found that living a rich life means having a bank full of life’s experiences. Living meaningful, passionate, deliberate lives is what is most important to us.

We were told recently that we make bold choices.  This may be … when our minds are set we put a plan together and make it happen.  We have been researching a full time RVing lifestyle for a couple of years and decided to make it happen only a couple of months ago.  We are clearing the clutter from life. We sold half of everything at a moving/garage sale in mid December in Albuquerque while snow was falling.  The other half gets sold when the house sells.  The house goes on the market this weekend!

Need some inspiration? Here is where we found some of ours:

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Our 2015 Tiffin Allegro Open Road
Our 2015 Tiffin Allegro Open Road