The Waterfall – Greenville, SC

For most of Greenville, South Carolina’s history the waterfall on the Reedy River has been the centerpiece of downtown.  A great piece of beauty and can be considered a center of social activity.  While we were here on a Sunday in May, the park was alive with picnics and dog walking. Absolutely everything  from dining to […]

SW Tennessee – mmmm BBQ!

Southwest Tennessee – history, peaceful star filled evenings, and a special place for mid-south BBQ. After boondocking for a few nights we needed to refresh our tanks and decided on a rural thousand trails in southwest Tennessee…Cherokee Landing.  We arrived to find we were one of six RVs camping in the park where there were […]

Near Sunset – Whitney Dam, TX

About 90 miles south of Fort Worth Texas, there is an outdoor gem. Lake Whitney, Texas is in the western hill country of Northern Texas.  This is an area with camping, outdoor recreation, and unlimited exploration. Part of America’s heartland…customer service is not dead here.  In town, we received old fashioned customer service at the local […]

Hill Country – Northern Texas

As of today, we are celebrating two weeks into our full time Rving life!  We have traveled from Albuquerque through Lubbock into the hill country of Northern Texas. What have we learned?  We love camping this time of year!  We basically have the campground to ourselves.  There is absolutely no one around us and the […]

Closing Time!

It finally happened!  After a ton of work and even more planning…we closed on the sticks and stucco (we are in Albuquerque)  house today.  We are officially full time RVers.  Sticking around Albuquerque for the next few days for more organizing and perhaps a little more purging of stuff.  We are sooooo excited and exhausted […]

Making Money on the Road

As many of you know by now, we are embarking on our new exciting journey which is only a week away. I know when we were researching this lifestyle.  My number one question was…How do we make money as we travel on the road and keep to our budget? As we start this new journey, […]

Nearing the End-or is it the Beginning?

OK, here it is the garage sale is complete and our house is, well, empty!  It feels amazing…no more excess stuff. No more furniture (one piece still waiting to be picked up), no extra pots and pans, kitchen is empty, no extra wall art, cat tree is gone…and the list can go on and on. […]

Rice under Pressure

For our future travels, we decided to get an instant pot 7 in 1.  Here is a recipe we created with the saute feature and pressure cooker.  Enjoy! Rice Under Pressure

How much does your life weigh? The Big Reveal.

Happy New Year – 2016! What makes you feel alive?  Really alive and truly happy? Do you ever dream about what other life you could be leading? We love leading every life that we can imagine with no regrets. So, we are starting on the next phase  in our journey of life. Here it is: […]

Happy Holidays!

From the Fireside Traveler family: Merry Christmas and have a wonderful time traveling this holiday season! -Mara I love this vintage looking picture…get it here: