RVing or Sticks and Bricks

In my last post we landed here in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, WA, where David had an opportunity for work.  We absolutely love it here!  What I love more than anything is the water views over Puget Sound and the huge trees reaching up toward the sky.   What makes everything so green and lush here in the Pacific Northwest?  Rain.  It does rain here a lot.  Basically it rains from October through March or April depending on the year. Some years we say that summer begins on July 5th after the rain stops.  We have lived in our RV traveling around the country for about 8 months straight.  We are not at a point where we are wondering if it was time to think and talk about other options for living arrangements.


We have the choice to stay where we are in the 36 foot Class A motor home we are currently living in or purchase a home/town-home closer to work and our friends.  My dream would be to find something waterfront or with a water view with a ton of old style character (in great condition of course!) if we could not travel full-time.  There is that dream then there is reality of what we can afford versus what that ideal is.  What we have found is way less than in perfect condition and would take some money to fix it up. Including some high ticket items like a furnace, some pest issues, and mold that was discussed.

So, we are at a crossroads.  Do you hold out for something in better condition or even in your dream location even if that takes years?  Oh, did I mention that I am not a big fan of moving “stuff” or buying “stuff” again.  OR stay in the RV for an undetermined amount of time waiting to find the right thing when you can really only travel locally for now?

What would you do?