Does it feel like home?

It’s been a few weeks since I made an update on our travels.  It always amazes me how quickly life can take a ninety degree turn.  A few weeks back we were traveling through Kentucky and then down the Natchez Trace Parkway through Tennessee when an opportunity appeared out of the blue.  I am going to pause here or a moment and give a little background information.

We lived in the Puget Sound area in Washington State for about 15 years before we moved to California to be closer to David’s mom who’s heath was starting to fail. We absolutely loved the Seattle area.  We always knew it was one of the most beautiful places in this country.  We have great friends in the area and really missed all of that miserable rain and the most perfect summers anyone could ask for.  I am a big fan of the water.  It just calms me somehow.

We had already lived in the Chicago area growing up there, California, and New Mexico.  We always figured if we saw the rest of the country we would eventually find somewhere that felt like home.  The thing is…we kept comparing everything to how we felt about the Seattle area.  The closest place we came to was near Acadia National Park in Maine.  We then thought about all of that snow and again became second to Seattle.


So seven months ago, we set out to explore the rest of the country in our 36 foot motor home.  We drove through all of the southern states making our way along the Atlantic Coast all the way up into Maine. We really did what we set out to do.

I am unpausing  here to continue the story from Natchez Trace Parkway. We were camping in rural Tennessee when we received an opportunity to come back to Seattle and really make it our home base. So, we started our journey back through Albuquerque to visit my Mom and make our way back north through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and finally back to Washington. Now we are not done with traveling, but we will be concentrating on the Pacific Northwest for a while and into Canada.

As I am sitting here looking out the huge glass windshield of the RV with a view of the Cascade Mountains under the dripping wet mossy covered trees… it just feels like home!




  1. 1stimp says:

    Sounds like you guys have done what every couple should do. See how the shoe fits! If it doesn’t fit, you try on another pair or in your cast keep traveling until it fits. I’m so happy to see a couple not settle just because they think it’s what everyone says they should. God bless and keep us all posted on your next adventure.


  2. John Denning says:

    About Dam time you two came to your senses! 😉 Let me know where you park your rig and I’ll buy a beer or three someday!

    Liked by 1 person

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