Jersey Shore


I must admit I did not know what to expect from New Jersey.  I had only been in the Newark airport a few times.  My perception of this area was very industrial almost rust belt.  I know it is named the garden state, but my preconceived ideas were totally off.  It is green with views of the ocean and little lakes everywhere and of course a ton of history!

We camped in a little town called Port Republic, New Jersey.  The area surrounding the campground is filled with homes on large lots deep in the woods.  What surprised me the most about the area is the combination of rural property so close to a large draw like Atlantic City.

If you decide to venture into Atlantic City, the tollway really takes you right into the tourist area of Atlantic City near the casinos and the boardwalk.  However, there are ways to avoid the toll roads to enter the city off of Hwy 30. For those with RV’s, there is a tunnel that does not allow propane in the area.  Typically parking is not free in this part of town, but some is validated and for us we parked in the parking lot of the Bass Pro Shop and made a purchase and parked for 4 hours for free.  This was really walk-able to most of the casinos, the ocean, and boardwalk areas.

We typically eat most of our meals at the RV and reserve our money for other experiences, but we had to try a Philly Cheese-steak on the Boardwalk with an amazing view of the ocean! I am really not sure if this is normal in this area… but the fog was super interesting and localized right over the beach.

Atlantic City Fog

Atlantic City Fog

If you happen to be in the area, make sure to check out the historic town of Smithville, NJ!  Super cute lots of baked goods, restaurants, and shops!  Even though some of Smithville has been around since the revolutionary war, in the 1960’s many buildings were brought in from around New Jersey to create this cute little town.  I guess I would describe it as quaint.


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  1. bill Boike says:

    Happy travels,hope all is well. New Jersey sounds interesting.


  2. I grew up just outside of Philly and went to Brigantine (next to Atlantic City) every summer with my family! Glad you enjoyed it and disproved some of those nasty stereotypes we tend to get. 😉 And glad you found Smithville, too! Always liked stopping there on the way home!


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