Artisans and Adventures – Williamsburg, VA

My last post was all about the settlement of Jamestown, VA in 1607. The City of Williamsburg was founded as the capital of the Virginia Colony in 1699. At the time Colonial leaders requested to relocate the capital from Jamestown to Middle Plantation, five miles inland between the James and the York Rivers. The new city was renamed Williamsburg in honor of England’s reigning monarch, King William III.

Why did they move the capital?  There are three main reasons for the move: 1. the drinking water was contaminated by seepage of saltwater, 2. the living conditions became dirty caused diseases, and 3. Williamsburg  was situated at a higher elevation than Jamestown.

will and james

Some kids go to Disney as a kid…I got to go to Colonial Williamsburg.  It was one of the most memorable trips for me.  I was a really shy kid so I told myself one day that I would be able to make stuff like the artists at Williamsburg.

Slowly over the last forty years or so,  I have kept that silent promise to myself.  I make yarn out of fiber on my spinning wheel. I have a loom and can weave.  I have successfully created all kinds of wearable art and sell my own jewelry. I sell silver jewelry and know how to be a silversmith.  We have sold more wood turned items than I can count. We have even had our own wood shop. I even have a letterpress machine so I can make prints or business cards. However, I can’t leather work or blacksmith…yet!

Williamsburg is  was one of those places for me that made an lasting impression throughout my life.  So, this was my second time coming here to Williamsburg. I come to it from a much different perspective.

There are two ways to see Colonial Williamsburg…the first way is totally free.  You can park on the outskirts of the area like Merchants Square and walk in. You experience what it felt like to be in Colonial Williamsburg in the 1600s. Walk the street, see the architecture, and talk to towns people.  Parking for two hours is free or you can park in a garage for about $1 per hour.

The second way is all inclusive.  Make your way to the visitor center where you park for free. The visitor center has two gift shops: one British themed and one Colonial themed.  Buy a ticket which is about $41 per ticket(adults) for one day or a multi day ticket for $51 (adults).  Check the Colonial Williamsburg, VA website for more ticket prices and specials. With the ticket you get to see the tours of places like the governors palace etc. and seeing the artisans at work.

Spinning at Colonial Williamsburg VA

Spinning at Colonial Williamsburg VA

Silversmith Shop

Silversmith Shop

Silversmith Shop

Silversmith Shop

Blacksmith Shop Williamsburg, VA

Blacksmith Shop Williamsburg, VA

I was a little afraid Williamsburg would not live up to my expectation.  It held a really high regard in my mind. I can say it was equally inspirational the second time around.

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