Costco and a Smart Car

Smart Car Costco

Smart Car Costco

Who says you can’t shop at Costco when you have a Smart Car?

As an RVer, we get questions about living in a small space and why on earth would we shop at Costco?  We are not often in an area to get groceries reliably.  We like Costco for the consistency of a budget (price) and reliability of what you can buy (quality of goods).  We shop at Costco about once per month and stock up our freezer and prepare meals for weeks. I guess it makes sense to us. Let us know what you think?

Costco Smart Car Shopping

Costco Smart Car Shopping


Oh by the way… I am working on a video testing Costco TP and if it is safe for Motorhome / RV/ Fifth Wheel black tanks… stay tuned…This picture may give you the answer!




  1. Sue says:

    B loves the cheese bagels from Costco and I’m digging the ground beef. I’m glad to be back using Costco, even as someone living alone. I totally get why it works for you. Hey, if you needed to you could pull into the Costco lot with the EV and fill it up.


  2. We are full-timing for the time being, too, and get most of our groceries at Costco as well! It’s always a game of tetris to put things away but it works and having the rig in the parking lot to put everything away immediately is the best!! So definitely not unusual, even if it seems weird to non- RVers. 🙂


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