A little bit of History … ooo ice cream – North Carolina

I can’t say as ever I was lost, but I was bewildered once for three days. – Daniel Boone

In 1750, Daniel Boone moved from Pennsylvania to the Yakdin River Valley of North Carolina with his family at age 15.  He was well known for his outdoor hunting talents.  Daniel even created a business based on his hunting skills. Though he moved to Kentucky, and was one of the first settlers in that state, his family (mother and father stayed in North Carolina).  Here is a link to more  Daniel Boone History

We visited the final resting place of his mother and father smack dab in the middle of Mocksville, NC.  It was really interesting seeing the old grave markers and how as you walk further back in the cemetery you walk further back in time. We ended up in the area as if we were walking through 1777… just after this country was founded in 1776.

Joppra Cemetery


We happened upon Mocksville, NC on the day of the Daniel Boone Family Festival.  Live bands, arts and crafts, and festival food all in the downtown area of this small town. Super cute and a great way to get a feel of the community.

On the lighter side, we stayed at the Thousand Trails Campground near there and found one of my absolutely favorite ice cream.  One of the best treats I have ever put in my mouth! Try the red velvet ice cream and the sea salt caramel… I mean it! It is locally made  http://enjoyfrontporch.com/

This was just a taste of our journey through history as we travel up the east coast of the USA.  We can’t wait to see more…onto Virginia and Williamsburg.

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