The Waterfall – Greenville, SC

Falls Park Sign

Falls Park Sign

For most of Greenville, South Carolina’s history the waterfall on the Reedy River has been the centerpiece of downtown.  A great piece of beauty and can be considered a center of social activity.  While we were here on a Sunday in May, the park was alive with picnics and dog walking. Absolutely everything  from dining to coffee to shopping is within walking distance of Falls Park.

We stopped to enjoy a snack (yes, we are craving Mexican Food after leaving Albuquerque) at Papi’s Tacos and sat outside to eat at a little table near river. Check them out here:  Papi’s Tacos

Of course, my favorite part is the sounds of the rushing river over the falls!  I could listen to the beauty of that sounds all day!

Make sure to take a stroll over the Liberty Bridge…the bridge is  345 ft long, 12 ft wide and with a concrete reinforced deck supported by a single suspension cable- is like nothing else in the US. Spanning the Reedy River in Greenville, this structure overlooks the local waterfall and the gardens at Falls Park.

Falls Park SC

Falls Park SC


Definitely, a peaceful day and wonderful centerpiece to the town of Greenville, SC.

There are a ton of waterfalls in this area and what we enjoyed  most of this stretch  off I-85 in South Carolina! Check them out here : Waterfalls in Upstate South Carolina


Kuma in Falls Park

Kuma in Falls Park




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