Making Money on the Road

Kali From Freedom Theory Santa Fe NM

Kali From Freedom Theory Santa Fe NM

As many of you know by now, we are embarking on our new exciting journey which is only a week away.

I know when we were researching this lifestyle.  My number one question was…How do we make money as we travel on the road and keep to our budget? As we start this new journey, we will be growing our businesses to keep us traveling. David is working his voice over business as well as some other contract jobs since he has some work experience in technical writing.  I believe I mentioned that I will be opening up my online shop to sell my jewelry again. I have been working hard to get some new designs and inventory built to open my shop. So look for my Etsy shop opening soon. Of course, it will be named FiresideTraveler. One of my new customers for this new venture was Kali from The Freedom Theory Vlog on YouTube. Check out how excited she was to get the earrings on the post from today:

As always, Kali thank you and Josh for being a part of the inspiration for our new journey. So glad you loved the earrings.

Stay tuned for our departure next week!




  1. Mark says:

    Safe travels my friends! Enjoy our beautiful World & take lots of pictures! So excited for both you and David. Please tell him I say HJ.


  2. Mary Beth says:

    I know it will be a great adventure and look forward to your posting and pictures! Happy and safe travel! MB


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