Nearing the End-or is it the Beginning?

Finally Empty!
Finally Empty!

OK, here it is the garage sale is complete and our house is, well, empty!  It feels amazing…no more excess stuff. No more furniture (one piece still waiting to be picked up), no extra pots and pans, kitchen is empty, no extra wall art, cat tree is gone…and the list can go on and on.  As I am sitting here on the floor writing this, I can say without a doubt…I don’t miss one thing.

We are about two and a half weeks out from our full time RVing adventure and just a few more chores to complete.  For any one who may consider this as a possible choice, do it!  Don’t wait…you will not believe how good it feels to get rid of all of the stuff that weighs us down!

Oh by the way, my Etsy shop will be coming online soon … it will be FiresideTraveler. One of my many passions is to make jewelry from Fused glass and silver.  I will let you know when it’s up and active. So excited to share it with you!