Urban Boon-docking Adventures

I know I wish all RV camping could be in the remote parts of the wild. How do we get to the most scenic spaces without having to plan out each and every stop and spend a ton of money at private campgrounds along the way?  It’s all about urban boondocking.

What is boondocking?  Well, it’s sleeping in an urban location (most likely a parking lot) for free. This is not camping!  So here is the etiquette for boondocking….we don’t put our slides out or set out our camp chairs….we don’t pull out the grill.  We arrive there to sleep and perhaps have some dinner within the confines of the RV.  We are self sufficient.  We have our own water to drink and shower.  We have propane to power our refrigerator and our generator to power lights (but use this minimally). Please don’t put down your levelers.

Most importantly…Ask if it’s alright to park there for the night.  Also, ask where in the lot to put the rig. Don’t just rely on apps or websites.  Do your own homework.

On our most recent trip we caravaned with our friends Kali and Josh.  We traveled from Albuquerque to the Houston area and boondocked for two nights on the way to the Thousand Trails Campground on Lake Conroe, TX.

Boondocking Walmart Parking Lot Clovis, NM

Boondocking Walmart Parking Lot Clovis, NM

One of the best thing about urban camping is the ability to stock up along the way with groceries or other RV supplies.

Cracker Barrel Boondocking TX

Cracker Barrel Boondocking TX

The second night ate our dinner at the Cracker Barrel and asked if we could stay there for the night.  The manager was amazing and asked that we just made sure we had something there for breakfast and to make sure we did not park in the fire lane.

Here we are in Willis, Texas at the thousand trails.  Yes, we were hit by a huge storm where three systems converged over Houston, Texas!  There was flooding everywhere!  So, here at the thousand trails campground the power was knocked out by a tree on the property and we had water but no power!  Glad the generator was working, but our campsite became shallow waterfront property!

Campsite Flooding Lake Conroe, TX

Campsite Flooding Lake Conroe, TX

I really like using http://freecampsites.net/ and the http://www.allstays.com/ app for my IPad.


PS – make sure to check our Kali and Josh’s VLOG at Freedom Theory.


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