Niagara of the West – Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Snake River Idaho
Snake River Idaho

What happens when you have the snake river coming over a series of large cliffs?  You have a few magnificent waterfalls including the Niagara falls of the West…Shoshone Falls! Shoshone Falls is three miles south of Twin Falls, Idaho.  It is taller than Niagara Falls at 212 Feet. Visit Idaho Shoshone Falls

I have been looking forward to seeing this area since I was a kid.  Apparently, the day after Labor Day is not the best time to see the refreshing water running over the cliff walls.  We paid our three dollars at the entry gate and found out the falls were dry!  They had stopped running the water for the season. First of all I didn’t know you could stop the falls unless this happened naturally.  I guess they are working on the power plant and no water no smashing waves….just a trickle!

Entrance to Shoshone Falls and Dierkes Lake Idaho
Entrance to Shoshone Falls and Dierkes Lake Idaho
Shoshone Falls Idaho
Shoshone Falls Idaho
Dry Shohone Falls Idaho
Dry Shoshone Falls Idaho

OK, so the upside… it is still beautiful and the park is well laid out for picnicking or laying in the shade. No falls which made the park less than busy and parking was a breeze.

Moral of this story…check to see if the falls are running if that is what makes or breaks your visit.  Check that out here: Shoshone Falls water information

landscape central Idaho
landscape central Idaho

Something we noticed while driving around the area… there must be no shortage of water for the fertile fields along the snake river! The fields, campgrounds, city parks, private lawns were all being watered nonstop – day and night. Coming from areas of drought this sheer amount of water being used was incredible! Just something that stood out to us coming from a desert climate.


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