Made in the USA! – Pendleton, OR

45th Parallel Oregon

45th Parallel Oregon

I was a little sad leaving Washington state. It is definitely one of my favorite places! But super excited for the next adventure and getting stoked to see some national parks. Sometimes it amazes me the vistas you can see from the side of the road or, in this case, a rest area near the 45th Parallel in Oregon. I was walking the dog around the rest area when I looked up and needed to grab my camera (just an Iphone 4).

Here is another great one from a rest area near Yakima, WA. I get really excited when it is a partly sunny day.  Clouds make for a great photo in my opinion!

Near Yakima WA

Near Yakima WA

By design, our stop for the night was in the small town of Pendleton, Oregon.  I needed to see the mill where all of the famous (and expensive) woven delights are made. I was shocked to see how small it was! I was expecting this grand operation.

Pendelton Woolen Mills Pendelton OR

Pendleton Woolen Mills – Pendleton, OR

This is the factory and the store and the outlet! I wanted to touch everything (and I think I did).  The mill makes everything from blankets, to cloths, hats, socks, and fabric for purchase.  Tours are available, but not on a holiday weekend.

History Pendleton Woolen Mill

History Pendleton Woolen Mill

I love hats…David spotted this one.  After a quick check in the mirror, it had to be mine!  I know some people like Tiffany bags…I am a Pendleton girl, myself 🙂 that little blue plaid bag is mine!

Purchase at Pendleton

Purchase at Pendleton

You can find out more information about the store and the mill tours on their website:

We stopped for one night in Pendleton with the Thor (the motorhome) easy on and off location. RV park right behind a Casino:




  1. Bill Boike says:

    The hat, getting ready for winter. Oh that’s right you don’t have winter!!!


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