Morphing Dunes- Oregon Coast

Florence Dunes

Florence Dunes

I have a new ultimate favorite place! If you know me, I always wonder what it would be like to live any new place we explore. One of the many reasons I love traveling in Thor, our motorhome. Florence, Oregon you are absolutely breathtaking! Ok, I know what I said about a sandy beach in earlier posts and I do stick with that opinion…but these sand dunes are alive! The ocean winds take each grain of sand… it moves and changes shape right before your eyes. It will not be the same landscape tomorrow as it is today.

Florence dunes

Florence dunes

Kuma at the Dunes Florence OR

Kuma at the Dunes Florence OR

One downside to that beautiful dune environment would be that I was digging sand out of my ears and hair and shoes and other places I would prefer not to mention.  A small price to pay for eye candy like the Oregon Coast!

South Jetty OR

South Jetty OR

We will be going back to Florence.  I need to add the Sea Lion caves and the hobbit hiking trail to my list of must see experiences.

We are learning as we go about internet access on the road.  We do have a Wilson electronics cell booster, however, we have been in a few places recently without cell coverage or acceptable WIFI.  I do believe we will need to upgrade our phones to a more recent model since we still have IPhone 4 and 4s.  4G will be uber helpful right now so our cell carrier would stop throttling our unlimited 3G connection. But that would require a full purchase price of a phone to keep our grandfathered unlimited data connection. Decisions…decisions.

Florence had great WIFI and Cell coverage!




  1. Bill Boike says:

    The beach looks beautiful. Would love to see it. Safe travels


  2. ronnideam says:

    Come back, come back!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mary Beth Svoboda says:

    How Gorgeous are these views! Love it…Keep Traveling so I can see more of the same! MBS


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