Furry Travelers

Traveling with pets AKA the Furry Travelers can be a tricky endeavor but we would not have it any other way. We have two Siamese cats (Jack and Juno) and one amazing mini Australian Shepard Kuma. They travel surprising well together in such a small space and love exploring as much as we do!

Kuma on RV Dashboard

Kuma on RV Dashboard

We decided to purchase a motor home instead of a trailer for our travels. When driving down the road, the motor home is self contained for heat and air conditioning.  As long as you are comfortable, you know your critters will be too.  However if you decide to have a travel trailer or a 5th wheel there are a couple of things to consider. Will the pets be in the truck with you? Will there be room for them in the truck? Just something to keep in mind if you are in the process of shopping for an RV.

Jack on RV table

Jack on RV table

We keep some things in mind as we choose our camping space.  In hot sunny locations, we seek out shaded spaces.  We have an indoor/outdoor thermometer to keep track of the temperature / comfort level in the RV.  This may be obvious, but the RV is still a vehicle it can get really hot in there like a car in the sun. We always take measures to make sure the air conditioner  and heater (depending on the time of year) are set to kick on at appropriate temperatures. If possible while traveling, we take the dog with us if we go out to dinner.  A lot of places do allow pets outside… so we find a location with an outdoor patio that allows pets. We call first to see if this is allowed. We pick a table away from other people so no one is disturbed. We want to make sure the next person that comes in is allowed with their pet based out our behavior!

KUMA traveling

KUMA traveling

Some common courtesy is needed when traveling with pets. I can not say this loud enough…PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET! We carry bags attached to Kuma’s leash.  We are never without a bag and we carry water as well.  When the dog is outside of your RV, a leash is needed. We have a long one that barely feels like a leash but if needed it’s easy to grab. If another animal is coming toward us, (unleashed) I can grab it and take care of the situation. Kuma is great…he usually will just stand behind me. But not all dogs will react the same and you never know how someone else’s pet will respond. We pay close attention to make sure no one is eating anything unusual to make them sick. Also a good tip make sure to take along a copy of any paperwork you have from your veterinarian. We keep a folder with copies of vaccination records…just in case. As we embark on our upcoming trip, I will update with more information on traveling with pets!

We love traveling with our little furry travelers and would not have it any other way!



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