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We are getting ready for our longest RV road trip yet and could not be more excited! Here is the plan driving from Albuquerque to the Seattle area and plan for anywhere from a month and a half to two months on the road.  More on the actual trip later.

If you recall, our new tow car is a smart car.  We wanted to keep our tow accessories in a safe place where we would not lose parts as we travel.  So the cardboard box they came in was not ideal.  (As usual, Juno the cat is trying to claim the box as his own!) Anyway, the smart car has a little trunk area where there is an open compartment in the tailgate.

Closed trunk space Smart Car

Closed trunk space Smart Car

After much experimentation with trying to create an expanding foam custom insert for this area, we decided to search for other options than the expanding foam.  Somehow i felt  myself reciting the three little pigs…some foam was too low, some was too high, but what we found was just right! Ok, Corny right?

Trunk supplies Kaizan Foam

Trunk supplies Kaizan Foam

Kaizen foam is a black foam that peels apart in layers. I highly recommend getting the accessories like the long tipped pattern marker and the long knife with a great handle.  They are not expensive and will make your life a lot easier in the process. We were able to order the foam and two accessories on FOAM You really do have to love Amazon!

Tools and Acccessory box

Tools and accessory box

Here is the final result!

Smart car tow accessories foam

Smart car tow accessories foam

Smart car organization

Smart car organization

The foam keeps the heavy tow accessories in place as you open and close the trunk.  The best part, in my opinion, is that since there is a visual  hole for each accessory it would be difficult to leave something behind!

Now to figure out if we want a thousand trails membership….that is another post!

– Mara


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  1. Mary Beth Svoboda says:

    Great idea! I may try this foam to secure tools, etc. in my car trunk tool box! MBS


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