It’s a tall world after all

Redwoods Russian River area Northern CA

Redwoods Russian River area Northern CA

Where else can you have the shade of a massive redwood forest? or kayak down the river to the sea? or taste some of the best champagne this country has to offer?

My little secret place, that’s where…the Russian river area of northern California.  It’s about 95 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma wine country. It’s history is based on trading and mining. However, in the 1920’s and 30’s the train ran here from San Francisco. Then, tourism flourished creating some magnificent authentic wooden cabins.  The valley, especially Guerneville and Duncan Mills, is a step back in time. 30’s style cabins and lodging brings the area back to it’s original hay-day.

We spent our anniversary weekend at this little cabin in the woods right on Austin Creek. It was about 10 degrees cooler and extremely quiet under the shade of those redwood trees. The coastal redwoods have a way of enveloping your soul like a big hug and everything just slows down. We found our rental here vrbo.

Cabin Russian River California

Cabin Russian River California

Austin Creek California

Austin Creek California

In the mood for wine, champagne, or maybe even a little brandy? Korbel is just three minutes from Guerneville or even on the way depending on how you come into town. The Rouge is our personal favorite!  Side note, our supply of Rouge is now depleted and we may need to take a trip back. You can order online, but what fun is that?  Make sure you stop and enjoy the complimentary tours. The grounds are beautiful and you get to taste for free!! How can you beat that? And don’t forget about the garden tour. The grounds are beautifully groomed and you can take a tour of them around the original home of the Korbel brothers.

Korbel Winery California

Korbel Winery California



This next part takes some planning, and willpower to get out of bed, but here it is.  You will need to get up early and arrive well before 7:30 am for the best breakfast croissants I have ever put in my mouth! They are buttery with turkey and pesto and warm and oh so tasty! Really great coffee too!

Duncan Mills, CA is a tiny little town with a population of just 85. Cute antique shops and a couple of great places to eat on your way to the ocean! duncan mills

– Mara



  1. Mark Dossee says:

    Good call on the Russian River area. My family spent many summers there when I was a kid. Pretty popular these days but that’s a good thing. Lots of places to eat and hang out. Might be a place for me and the wife to go back and visit again this summer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bill Boike says:

    Isolation is my friend.


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