Elephants on the Beach?

I’m back!  Sorry for the delay last week…had surgery and needed some recovery time.

Driving Highway 1 along the California coast is absolutely breathtaking. We made the seven hour drive from Los Angeles up to Santa Cruz. It was late January and we were about seven miles north of San Simeon, CA.  We noticed a place to pull over and there were a ton of people gathering looking out at the beach. I am usually not one for crowds and would normally keep on driving. But, something struck me that day and said we needed to stop and take a look.  Here’s what we saw:

Elephant Seals California

Elephant Seals California

My mouth dropped open! Elephant Seals were everywhere!! Now about 17,000 seals migrate to and from this location every year. Viewing is open to the public free of charge from the Elephant Seal Boardwalk. It is amazing and a little shocking to see a such group of creatures thriving in a natural habitat.  I noticed how the elephants used their strength to pull their blubbery bodies onto the beach from the sea. Their trail in the sand reminded me of a map with all of the paths crossing from the sea. Absolutely marvelous!

Check out the webcam elephant seal cam

Beach Near Hearst Castle California

Beach Near Hearst Castle California

For more information please check out the website for the elephant seals http://www.elephantseal.org/

Something to take under consideration when planing your drive down Hwy 1, it would be quite a difficult drive in a motor home or pulling a fifth wheel quite a few stretches of the road. It would be a good idea to plan accordingly.  Also, there are not many gas stations along the route. The stations that are open really gouge on price! Definitely some planning is needed.



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