It’s all Nuclear

Nuclear Museum Entrance

Nuclear Museum Entrance

Whether you agree or disagree about dropping two bombs on Japan in 1945, there is no disputing New Mexico has a rich history in the development of Nuclear Technology. The Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque is on federal land near Sandia labs.  (The museum was moved from its original location on the air force base after September 11 when it was closed to civilian traffic.) The museum guides you back in time to the beginnings of atomic fusion development.  Los Alamos was a secret city filled with amazing scientific minds with the intent to stop World War II. This secret city was housing the infamous Manhattan Project. History of Los Alamos and Manhattan Project

East View

East View



Being Refurbished

Being Refurbished

As you travel through the museum you are taken from war to more peaceful uses of atomic energy.  There were inventions to use glow in the dark watches, MRI machines for medical uses, to powering our homes.

So I admit there was one “invention” that creeped me out. In the early 1900’s the invention was the radioactive ceramic water jar. It was believed since Radon naturally occurs in spring water, that water soaked overnight in a radioactive ceramic water jar would create health benefits.  However, it just caused cancer. Duh, right?  Seriously disturbing! toxic water jar (national geographic)

The museum seemed really small when we walked in. Honestly, we spent a few hours there.  It was overflowing with information and hands on science for the kids or the kids at heart. It is well worth the trip. If you are New Mexico residents, don’t forget to ask for your discount!



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  1. Bill Boike says:

    How cool. The museum is wonderful


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