Phoenix area

Phoenix area

What can be more iconic than the Saguaro cactus to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona? OK, some quick facts about the Saguaro:

1. The Saguaro can only be found in Arizona and western Sonora, Mexico known as the Sonoran Desert.

2. The Saguaro can grow to be 150-200 years old and grow very (I mean very) slowly.

3. After the cactus dies, it become woody. Native Americans used this to gather water before the canteen.

saguaro cactus

saguaro cactus

saguaro cactus wood

saguaro cactus wood

So where is a great place to see not only the Saguaro but a ton of great species found in the Phoenix area?  Get in the car and rush over to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ.  Link can be found here  You can wind your way around the trails or take a tour.  The DBG was the highlight of our trip to Phoenix. I saw rabbits, dove and wild quail scurrying around, seemingly oblivious to park visitors. The lizards were a hoot, but got a bit cranky when we asked to see their ticket to the exhibit.

Botanical Garden Phoenix

Botanical Garden Phoenix

Holy Cacti!

Holy Cacti!

It's a big one!!

It’s a big one!!

What a unique landscape! With my Irish inherited complexion, I remind others to make sure you wear a ton of sunscreen, a hat, and some sunglasses.  It can burn you quickly even on a cloudy day (which are few and far between). Almost forgot to mention, they do have classes about the area as well as some photography classes at the garden. Might be worth a look.

After all of that walking at the Desert Botanical Garden, might be time for a bite to eat. We stopped for some Chicago style Greek food at Z’s Greek on Indian School Rd, Phoenix  Sit down for a Gyro or Souvlaki! Mouth watering and absolutely delish!  Personally, I give it high recommendations.



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  1. Bill Boike says:

    Love the colorful description. Very interesting. Please continue


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