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Smart Car Photo Shoot New Mexico Desert

Smart Car Photo Shoot New Mexico Desert

For the past few years, we needed to choose our destinations carefully. When we arrive and set up the RV we had no other transportation.  We were limited with renting a car or walking everywhere we go unless we wanted to uproot the RV and unhook all of the utilities. We usually packed carefully and had all of our groceries planed. Basically, we packed everything we needed for arrival at our destination. So with the Beetle ailing and needing so much repair, we decided to start shopping and thinking about a replacement that could double as a tow car behind Thor.  For some reason, I have never (I mean never) been coordinated enough to feel comfortable driving a manual transmission.

Enter the Smart Car design…

New Tow Vehicle Smart Car for Two Pure

New Tow Vehicle Smart Car for Two Pure

As quoted from the Smart Car website: “You get the best of both worlds: 5-speed smartshift® transmission with automatic mode (for ease) and manual mode (for fun), hill start assist, and it’s packed with lots of standard safety features such as 8 full-size airbags. Engineered with Mercedes-Benz, it’s the perfect blend of design and dazzle.”  There is even a roll cage due to it’s small size.  The car is less than 1800 pounds so it is super light weight. Due to it’s extremely small stature and weight you can’t even feel it being towed.

The dealer installed the tow package.  The package included a Blue ox model tow bar and safety accessories, the tow bar attaches to the front of the car frame, and extra tail lights that harvest the power from the RV not the Smart car. Super sturdy and easy to attach!

All you have to do to put the car into tow mode then turn the key on….put car into neutral… then turn the key off.  No miles are put on the car and no accessories/battery power are being used. Great way to flat tow and not have to mess around with a dolly!

Ready to hit the gravel road desert New Mexico

Ready to hit the gravel road desert New Mexico

All hooked up Smart

All hooked up Smart

We are all set for the next adventure! I can’t wait!



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  1. Ronni says:

    omg, I love it!!!


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