To the Beach!

Pensacola Beach Florida

Pensacola Beach Florida

When you think of the seashore…what do you dream of?  Is it sandy beaches, warm surf, and the hot sun? What a great way to get out and explore. Certainly perfect to get out of a winter fog! I love sandy beaches for relaxing or perhaps a bit of a nap. However, I am completely in love with a jagged beach. A shore that is covered in stones, wood, and cold water creatures that have come ashore.

Orcas Island  Washington State

Orcas Island Washington State

Sea Glass

Sea Glass

So here is why I am smitten with the rocky beach.  It is all about the activities that accompany a rugged beach.  I am not someone who fishes or is a swimmer. So, I have a sport. That sport is ….drum roll ….Sea Glass hunting. Sea glass is left over from a boat wreck or from bottles that have been tumbled around in the surf.  It is like finding a gem.  Walking along the shore and then over there…you see the glimmer of glass in the sunlight.

Do you know what makes the most amazing wood items for your home?  Driftwood. Some of you may know we really like to make stuff. We create everything from clocks to pens to jewelry. The lines and minerals that have deposited into the wood make for some stunning pieces. So here is a shout out to mother nature!



So, the bottom line is that a rocky beach is just sand but bigger.

What do you prefer? Let your voice be heard…Let me know below!

– Mara

Russian River area Califoria

Russian River area California



  1. Bill Boike says:

    Well stated.


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