Thor and The Five Travelers

Our Motorhome Thor

Our Motorhome Thor

Everyone names their vehicles right?  So introducing our 2013 – 30 foot Thor Hurricane Motor home…keeping with the theme (because this motor home is obviously a dude) his name is Thor.  Here is bobble head Thor on our dashboard leading us on our adventures. He stays pretty quiet with the exception of that silver hammer or when he decides to pop off the base and go sliding across the dashboard.

Thor Bobble Head cropped

So about the travelers…

We consider ourselves super lucky since David (the hubby) currently works remotely for his job as long as we have really good internet connection we can work from the road. We stay in one place during the time he needs to complete work then we seek out fun and excitement when he is done for the day or on days off. We are not full timers. We travel for weeks and hopefully soon a few months at a time before returning to our sticks and bricks home in Albuquerque, NM. (Please see yesterday’s blog post for my information)

Then there are the furry travelers. Jack and Juno (lynx point Siamese cats and a mini Australian Shepard named Kuma (means Bear in Japanese). All great adoptions!

Jack and Juno Under blanket Kuma with Fork edit

We have purchased a four down tow-able vehicle to use behind Thor. It is currently at the dealership getting ready for the road. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming posts.




  1. ronnideam says:

    How is it traveling with pets? Any tips?


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