Who is the Fireside Traveler?

Elephant Butte State Park, NM

Elephant Butte State Park, NM

My name is Mara Lisauskas. Growing up my parents were both English teachers which gave our family the opportunity to see the great outdoors during the summer months.  We camped all over the Midwest and eastern portions of the United States and Canada. We saw Shakespeare plays in Canada (where my brother broke his nose) and experienced Colonial Williamsburg (where decided I wanted to learn every historic trade from fiber arts to blacksmithing) to taking a canoe (I now try to travel with my kayak) to explore caves in the Ozarks. We deciphered shapes of the native american mounds in Wisconsin.  This is where my wanderlust began. I wanted to see every state and then branch out to the rest of the world.

So, the story starts in the western suburbs of Chicago then to college to study Psychology and Anthropology at the University of New Mexico to Seattle to Silicon Valley to Albuquerque, NM.

I love living history and culture. If you have never seen Taos (1000 years of living history http://taospueblo.com/) … just go …add it to your bucket list. Every city, small town, park, open field, and person has a history and future just waiting to be discovered. Close your cell phone and stop to see what is around you.  Talk to people.  Everyone has a story! My goal is not to just show you places I have been or where I want to go but to show you the stories of people along the way. Come with me to explore, dream, and discover the wonderful world we live in.

– Mara



  1. bill.boike says:

    Your commentary is qreat. Keep it up.


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