It’s all Nuclear

Whether you agree or disagree about dropping two bombs on Japan in 1945, there is no disputing New Mexico has a rich history in the development of Nuclear Technology. The Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque is on federal land near Sandia labs.  (The museum was moved from its original location on the air force base after September […]


Hope to be back writing on Monday! -Mara


What can be more iconic than the Saguaro cactus to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona? OK, some quick facts about the Saguaro: 1. The Saguaro can only be found in Arizona and western Sonora, Mexico known as the Sonoran Desert. 2. The Saguaro can grow to be 150-200 years old and grow very (I mean very) slowly. 3. […]

Meanwhile Outside of Scottsdale

August or early September is the perfect time of year to vacation the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. No crowds…got right into tours. Of course, it was ridiculously hot! The hot tub at the hotel was even cooler than the air temperature and the pool felt downright cold.  We had to wonder why we were the only ones in the […]

Destination Old Town

I fell in love with New Mexico architecture the first time I came here 24 years ago.  There are so many textures and details from adobe, to brick, to carved wood. It is so very different than what I grew up with in the Chicago area where modern, revival, and Prairie style (Frank Lloyd Wright) […]

Little Toad

For the past few years, we needed to choose our destinations carefully. When we arrive and set up the RV we had no other transportation.  We were limited with renting a car or walking everywhere we go unless we wanted to uproot the RV and unhook all of the utilities. We usually packed carefully and […]

To the Beach!

When you think of the seashore…what do you dream of?  Is it sandy beaches, warm surf, and the hot sun? What a great way to get out and explore. Certainly perfect to get out of a winter fog! I love sandy beaches for relaxing or perhaps a bit of a nap. However, I am completely in love […]

Exit 83

You may say camping in the New Mexico desert is hot and dry with limited recreation. I say not so! There is so much diversity in New Mexico. There is almost everything in this state from high desert to mountain to a place to park your boat. I submit Elephant Butte State park in central New […]

Thor and The Five Travelers

Everyone names their vehicles right?  So introducing our 2013 – 30 foot Thor Hurricane Motor home…keeping with the theme (because this motor home is obviously a dude) his name is Thor.  Here is bobble head Thor on our dashboard leading us on our adventures. He stays pretty quiet with the exception of that silver hammer […]

Who is the Fireside Traveler?

My name is Mara Lisauskas. Growing up my parents were both English teachers which gave our family the opportunity to see the great outdoors during the summer months.  We camped all over the Midwest and eastern portions of the United States and Canada. We saw Shakespeare plays in Canada (where my brother broke his nose) […]